Derby Rules

  1. Weigh-in will be held from 10:00am until 4:00pm, Saturday, September 25th and from 10:00am until 2:00pm, Sunday, September 26th. Derby participants must be in the official weigh-in queue prior to the close of the weigh-in time each day. The weigh-in areas will be located at the Port of Everett facilities at 1205 Craftsman Way, Everett WA 98201 (east of the 10th Street Public Boat Launch) and the Port of Edmonds Marina, 336 Admiral Way, Edmonds WA 98020 (at the top of the fuel dock by the boat hoist). The participant’s legal Catch Record Card must accompany the individual and Coho Salmon to be weighed-in as evidence that it was caught within the Derby Rules. All persons fishing from a boat must have a valid Derby Ticket. This is an “ALL WEATHER DERBY.”
  2. Participants are limited to ONE (1) entry Coho Salmon fish per day. The first fish weighed for each day will be the only fish allowed and counted for that day.
  3. Store ticket sales will close on Friday, September 24, 2021 at the normal close of business for the retail outlet. Store tickets will only be available Saturday, September 25th from 4:00am until 8:00am at Harbor Marine, located at 1032 West Marine View Dr., Everett WA 98201. Online tickets will close on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 8:00am.
  4. Coho Salmon entered must be a minimum of 2.0 lbs. If, in the opinion of the judges, any attempt is made to artificially enhance the weight of an entered fish, that fish and the person entering the fish WILL be immediately disqualified from this and all future Everett Coho Derbies and criminal charges WILL be pursued.
  5. ALL WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE RULES APPLY. BE AWARE THAT WDFW RULES MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME SO PLEASE CHECK BEFORE FISHING. Coho Salmon entered in the Derby must have been caught on Saturday, September 25th and/or Sunday, September 26th of 2021. Coho Salmon must be weighed in on the day they are caught. Fish may be bled, but not gutted or cleaned for weigh-in. The winner of any tie will be determined by the earliest date and official time of entry. Only Coho Salmon caught in the following areas are eligible to be entered in the Derby: Puget Sound fishing Area 9 and Area 10; and all OPEN fresh water systems in King, Skagit, and Snohomish Counties. Only LEGALLY hooked Coho Salmon are eligible to win.
  6. The Everett Salmon Association (aka Everett Coho Derby) and the sponsors of the 2021 Everett Coho Derby accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury to any boat, vehicle, equipment, participant, passenger or observer during this event. The Derby ticket holder, and all members of their party, agree to hold harmless all Derby sponsors, advertisers, and volunteers from any and all liability in connection with this Derby.
  7. The Derby Ticket purchaser agrees that any and all appropriate taxes, including use and sales taxes; fees, transfer and operating fees, and all federal taxes, shall be the sole responsibility of the prize winner, and that the aforementioned Derby organizations and volunteers shall have no liability for any such taxes and/or fees. Prize winners must furnish their tax identification number upon request by the Derby prize representative(s) prior to the delivery of any prize value $600 or more. Proof of purchase will be required for any prizes linked to a special prize. If a minor wins cash as the result of having purchased an Adult (Paid) Derby Entry ticket, the cash shall be awarded in the legal name of the minor-aged participant’s legal parent or guardian, and the named winner will assume sole responsibility for subsequent taxes, fees, and licenses.
  8. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, September 26, 2021 beginning at approximately 3:00pm at Everett Bayside Marine and Outboard, 1111 Craftsman Way, Everett, WA 98201. ALL PRIZES:YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN – NO EXCEPTIONS
  9. Each participant acknowledges that the contact information provided on the Derby ticket/stub represents their true and legal contact information.
  10. Paid Division prize awards will include: 1st – $10,000.00; 2nd – $5000.00; 3rd – $2,500.00; 4th – $1,000.00; 5th – $500.00
  11. Free (Youth) Division prize awards will include: 1st – $500.00; 2nd – $300.00; and 3rd – $200.00. Free (Youth) division is for 12 years old and under
  12. Derby Entry tickets prices are: Paid – $30.00; and Free (Youth 12 years old and under)
  13. By entering the Derby and/or entering to win the 2020 Salmon Derby Series Grand Prize Boat, each angler or participant acknowledges and agrees that his or her contact information may be made available to select Derby Series sponsors and NMTA; and each entrant further acknowledges that he or she may be contacted by the Derby Series sponsors. Anglers and participants who prefer not to be contacted by sponsors should send an email to advising the Northwest Salmon Derby Series not to share their contact information with third parties.
  14. The Everett Coho Derby (ECD) reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at the event without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. ECD may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by ECD including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc. To ensure the privacy of individuals and children, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the photographed subject, parent or legal guardian. A person attending the ECD event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer, and/or the event organizers, and/or contact ECD at P.O. Box 12694, Everett WA 98206, in writing of his/her intentions and include a photograph. ECD will use the photo for identification purposes and will hold it in confidence. By participating in the ECD event or by failing to notify ECD, in writing, your desire to not have your photograph used by ECD, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify ECD from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness. Any person or organization not affiliated with ECD may not use, copy, alter or modify ECD photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized designee from the ECD. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Everett Coho Derby Rules for Covid19

Due to the Corona Virus and any precautions set by the State, Snohomish County, the Port of Everett and Edmonds,
the Everett Salmon Association have implemented the following rules for the 2021 derby:

 The Everett Coho Derby “Fishing” portion of the derby will go on as normal.
As of this time, the “Awards Ceremony” for Sunday the 26th will be held.
If State of Washington precautions change prior to the derby then those rules will be implemented.
Unless required, as you weigh in your fish, you are asked to voluntarily “Social Distance” (6 feet between others),
use a mask if you want, and use common sense health practices while you are in line.
The Derby reserves the right to make additional changes as needed.
Please check the Derby Website for updated information.

The Derby thanks you and we appreciate your support!

Rule 10 – Traffic Separation Schemes

(c) A vessel, shall so far as practicable, avoid crossing traffic lanes but if obliged to do so shall cross on a heading as nearly as practicable at right angles to the general direction of traffic flow.
(h) A vessel not using a traffic separating scheme shall avoid it by as wide a margin as is practicable.
(j) A vessel of less than 20 meters in 
  length or a   sailing vessel shall not impede the safe passage of a power-driven vessel following a traffic lane.