Team Tournament Rules

  1. A Team will comprise of only Everett Coho Derby Adult/Youth participants with valid tickets
  2. The entry fee for the Team Tournament is $10 per person
  3. Payment must be received by September 21, 2018 at 11:30PM
  4. The Team will be made up of a minimum 2 different persons and a maximum 4 different persons
  5. Team participants do not have to be on the same boat
  6. A derby participant will be allowed on only 1 team
  7. A Team name is required
  8. Total weight for each Team will be the total of the largest fish caught for each participant over the course of the Derby (Saturday &   Sunday) divided by the total number of team members for an average total weight. Example: A two member Team with a 8.5 & 10.9 pound fish will have a Team weight of 9.7 pounds (19.4/2 = 9.7). A four member Team with weights 7.9, 12.5, 9.8 & 8.1 will have a Team weight of 9.575 pounds (38.3/4 = 9.575). A three member Team with a 8.0, 10.0 & zero pound fish will have a Team weight of 6.0 pounds (18.0/3 = 6.0)
  9. The Team must be present to win
  10. The Team with the highest average total weight over the Derby two days will win 100% of the total Team proceeds
  11. Proceeds will be divided equally between the winning Team members (2-4 checks total)
  12. All Everett Coho Derby rules will be followed
  13. Minimum field will be 2 Teams entered
  14. Team participants are also eligible for individual derby prizes


This year the Team Tournament is sponsored by BOAT INSURANCE AGENCY. They will add $500 to the grand prize total of all the proceeds from all Team Participants

The Everett Coho Derby