First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

Fith Place

Mystery Weight Fish



Team Competition Begins at $250


Youth Division

(12 & under)

1st Place   $300

2nd Place $200

3rd Place  $100

Top Cash Prizes


Join us for the 27th Annual Everett Coho Derby
September 19-20, 2020


In 1993, the local fishing oriented business was in a quandary.  In an attempt to protect many threatened runs of Coho salmon, the State of Washington declared much of the salt water off limits to salmon fishing and closed most of the local rivers.  The only area available was the Snohomish River system and a small “Bubble” right outside the mouth of the Snohomish River.  Interest in salmon fishing was low and the sporting goods stores were worried about sales of fishing gear.


One of the local store managers, Fabian Loomas from Jerry’s Surplus in Everett, approached Jim Brauch of the Everett Steelhead and Salmon club and Mark Spada of the Snohomish Sportsmen’s Club with a proposal.  If we would put together a salmon derby targeting the small area, which was open, Fabian would try to solicit prizes from the various distributors.  In addition, if we did not sell enough tickets to cover the prize money, he would guarantee the prize money would be paid.  How could we say, no?  The decision was made quickly!

The Everett Coho Derby